Mary Queen of Heaven

In past meditations, starting from the text in Ezekiel (Ezek 28, 1-19), I have spoken about the work of the fallen angel, which we must become aware of in order not to be blinded. Unfortunately, Lucifer is also working in our Church and he has become very influential. It is very painful to perceive this, especially when we are able to recognize his work right up to the church leadership, which cannot be overlooked.

In this present crisis, there is no real call to conversion to God from the Church leadership. Conversion is mostly understood as solidarity with the poor, by whom we should let ourselves be evangelized, the threat of climate change comes into focus, the problem of migrants becomes an issue.

There is no doubt that it is right to care for the poor and to see and respond to their various needs, as well as the question of the environment, and it is also valuable to take up these issues as an impulse of this pontificate and to integrate them accordingly.

But there is a noticeable shift of emphasis. Secondary and tertiary things come to the fore: man and his earthly needs. His transcendent dimension, however, recedes into the background.

Here Lucifer’s attempts at deception have already taken effect! When the gaze is no longer directed primarily towards God and the cultivation of the relationship with him is no longer the first theme, then the light of the Holy Spirit becomes clouded and man and creation instead become the most important theme. The more this happens, the more Lucifer will be able to use his influence and easily present himself as the benefactor of humanity. The increasing adaptation of religion to the spirit of the times is a clear sign of the hidden efficacy of the fallen angel, who is always anxious to darken the light of God. He cannot extinguish it, but he can push himself as a shadow like dark clouds before the light of the sun.

Therefore it is not surprising that the Church leadership does not have the key to this crisis. Their voice mixes with the chorus of politicians, they recommend us to listen to them. But this is a misleading signpost, considering that most governments and organizations pursue policies that are far from God and hostile to life on issues that are crucial for Catholics. It can even happen in this way that the moral authority which the Church still has in the world is misused for other interests.

It comes as no surprise, though it is painful, that in these times of crisis only a few shepherds give the Church guidance and directives. In this pontificate most of the Pastors have followed a course which should have been corrected long ago. But all interventions, e.g. to bring the letter Amoris laetitia objectively into harmony with the Church’s traditional teaching, have been ignored. Thus an increasing blindness could spread, because the error which is not corrected spreads and darkens the light of knowledge.

While in the biblical context St. Peter had accepted the correction of St. Paul (cf. Gal 2,11-14), this does not happen in the present pontificate.  Erroneous directions continued.

The proclamation of Abu Dhabi, which proclaims that God wants (positively) all religions, leaves Jesus’ missionary mandate. Here one no longer encounters the true church of God with her unmistakable mission. Therefore it is not surprising that just from freemasons there is great approval of this document. Obviously, Lucifer has continued to pull his strings here and spread a false light. Now this proclamation is taught everywhere and celebrated as a great achievement. In reality, however, it is a Luciferian deception, because God wants all men to be saved by the Savior Jesus Christ (cf. 1 Tim 2,4) and to find the way to the true Church.

God certainly loves men and of course respects all their sincere efforts to find him, but he cannot, for example, want positively the religion of Islam, which denies the redeemer death of Christ, just as much as the Church, which proclaims the saviour. Then there would be no need for a mission and Lucifer would have reached a very important goal!

It is not as if there were no warning voices coming from the Church, so “St. Paul” did not stop to speak through them to correct Peter, but they were overheard. The enthusiasm about this Abu Dhabi proclamation is so great in some circles that they no longer even realize that an “other spirit” has taken over and is deceiving them.

Everyone would like to live in peace with Muslims and representatives of other religions and steps towards this are welcome, but this cannot be bought by giving away truth. This is a work of Lucifer and corresponds to the way deception is done in this pontificate. The tragedy is that those who follow this course wrongly believe that they listen to the Holy Spirit and have a better knowledge than before. That is why the next overly obvious misstep was not recognized, which should actually serve as a last wake-up call for the believers!

The visible culmination so far of an erroneous guidance in this pontificate was the Pachamamaidolatry in the Vatican. Whoever cannot identify this as a violation of the first commandment has already fallen into a certain blindness, the initiator of which is undoubtedly Lucifer.

What is to be done?

I keep emphasizing it. The present confusion must be countered by the clarity of mind, the discernment of spirits. Let us trust in the traditional path of the Church and act in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. Those who deviate from it must justify themselves and not those who follow the authentic teaching of the Church.

Therefore, we can no longer simply follow the instructions of the Hierarchy. If, for example, the English bishops want to morally oblige their faithful to accept a vaccination against Covid 19, even if it contains material from aborted foetuses, then this contradicts what cardinals and bishops have laid down in the letter “Veritas liberabit vos” and also contradicts earlier pronouncements of the Church.

A spirit of confusion has spread in the Church. That is why an at least partial blindness has arisen, which extends to even more areas than those I have mentioned so far.

It is to be feared that this blindness will also not overcome if things happen on the political level, which, for example, a one-world government would install under anti-Christian directions or even the figure of one or the Antichrist appears in public. There is the danger that many shepherds then no longer are able or willing to take their prophetic responsibility and protect the faithful. Rather, it is to be feared that they will unknowingly cooperate with forces that use them for their own purposes. They have not recognized the wolves and have not identified the false angel of light (cf. 2Cor 11,14). Let us hope that at least some of the shepherds will wake up and raise their voices or stop being silent where they have to speak!

But we need not fear.

God himself is the shepherd of his people (cf. Ezek 34,11-12) and if the appointed shepherds do not fulfill their mission, the Lord knows other ways to protect His own. In spite of all the seriousness of the situation, let us not let ourselves be thrown into panic, neither into one “Coronapanic” nor into another. We are left with some trustworthy shepherds of the hierarchy and other responsible voices who have not allowed themselves to be blinded and are not afraid to tell the truth. It is the great art to do this in love. But the beloved Mother of God can teach us this together with her divine Bridegroom, the Holy Spirit.

I entrust to her – as difficult and sensitive as the subject is – that all those who listen to me will realize that my concern is for the truth and not for an attack against the Pope and the Church. Why should I do this? I do not want to become pope or found my own church, because the true Church of the Lord already exists and she is our mother. But the enemy, who must be rejected in the name of Jesus, has invaded this church like pirates a ship and wants to seize the ship and steer it on a different course. It is Lucifer and his followers. They cannot and will not turn back to God.

As long as they live, people always have the opportunity to repent. My daily prayer is that those who have been deceived wake up and that the believers become alert and do not succumb to the wiles of darkness. Of course, my prayer is also for the Pope and for those who bear great responsibility for the course of the Church.

But what is most important to me is that Lucifer cannot simply continue to bring parts of the Holy Church under his control in order to make them compliant with his plans. Therefore, I hope that the “flock of the Lamb” (cf. Rev 7,9) will resist, even if it has to go into the “desert” for a time (cf. Rev 12,14) and suffer persecution from those who have come under the influence of the fallen angel, but see themselves on the right path and do not perceive the deceptions.

For the time being I will conclude this topic in my daily meditations. I know that many questions are still open, but I have primarily intended these daily meditations for the deepening of the spiritual life, and with the last six reflections I have – for current reasons – somewhat broken up this framework.

One can write to me ( and I will also use other opportunities to give a deepening to those who are especially interested in the topic I have mentioned. For the daily listeners this might be now enough.

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