First criteria to classify the pandemic and the reactions to it

I pointed out in the last reflection that we will not get a key to the interpretation of the current corona pandemic if we do not include the question of God.

It is the core to get answers that lead to the right actions and also to the discernment of spirits.

Of course there are also right and necessary actions which are guided by reason, the good gift of God. They are important and welcome. But reason cannot give us a deeper view from within itself and enter the supernatural realm. For this it needs the light of the Holy Spirit.

If we now consciously ask the question about God in this event, then we open this situation to the full light of God and do not just look at it with the natural light of human reason. Why is this point so important and why does this question help decisively not to succumb to Lucifer’s subtle attempts of deception and veiling?

The answer is simple:

Nothing happens without the will of God, be it the direct positive will of God or under his approval. This is above all. Since God is a loving Father, we know that he directs everything for the salvation of mankind (cf. Rom 8,28) – even such circumstances as we are currently experiencing.

What is contrary to this?

Metaphysically speaking: A different will.

These are the intentions of the fallen angel – the one we heard about in the Ezekiel readings (cf. Ezek 28,1-19) – Lucifer. His intentions are contrary to God, because they do not aim at the glorification of God but, in blinded self-love, at his own greatness. Here, love is not the motive (Teresa of Avila: the devil does not love), neither the love for God nor for man. But Lucifer veils this, as we have already heard in previous reflections. This goes so far as Bishop Athanasius Schneider told us, that in the higher degrees of Freemasonry, Lucifer can pretend to be the good God.

It is essential that we realize this as believers as we look at the present pandemic.

Let us now enter into the theme with the following reflection: God allowed this pandemic to happen so that people might repent of their sins and bring their lives into harmony with God. This applies to all people. It is in a special way the task of the Church to make this clear to people through her proclamation and to show them the way to conversion, because the work of salvation through Jesus Christ has been entrusted to her.

We therefore have a criterion by which we can measure how the pandemic is being dealt with by the Church and in the world.

Conversely, we can also see whether measures taken to deal with the pandemic counteract God’s intentions, and thus discover possible influences of Lucifer, who does not openly reveal himself, but acts through people and uses their interests, fears, remoteness from God, weaknesses and deficiencies of all kinds and of course also bad wills.

Let us not forget that he can even appear under the mask of a “humanist” and knows how to blind people in all possible ways with his “false light”. The hidden intention will always be directed at himself and “his kingdom” (the kingdom of the beast) and will draw as many people as possible into his rebellion against God – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Thanks be to God that some courageous shepherds of the Church have had the courage to publish a letter with the significant title: “Veritas liberabit vos” thus fulfilling their responsibility before God and the Church. The letter is available on the Internet in several languages ( And it is recommended to read it. I summarize the main points that are important for us.

The Pastors note, among other things, an exaggerated reaction to the pandemic, they speak of the violation of human liberties in this context, they warn against efforts to use the pandemic to promote the installation of a One World Government and against unjustified surveillance of citizens. They emphasize the freedom and independence of the church with regard to possible state interference and point out that Catholics cannot be vaccinated for moral reasons if material from aborted children is in the vaccine.

Let us look at the individual points mentioned:

  • The creation of panic and the corresponding panic reactions make people extremely unfree, because they will easily adopt all measures that could free them from such panic. In order to respond to God’s call for freedom, however, we need human freedom. Panic is therefore very easily abused by dark bad powers
  • Possible violations of human rights of freedom by the state would create a great disorder, open the door to arbitrary actions and pervert the order of God. To whom this serves everyone can answer for himself and if then movement controls were imposed, then dictatorial measures come into view!
  • A world government, which is reminded again and again from different sides and whose installation would possibly be promoted by the pandemic, would have to be examined for its ideological foundations. When we as Catholics think of the large organizations and their often anti-Christian hostile policies, then we will easily recognize them as the instrument of ungodly powers.

The view of the Church in connection with the pandemics is to follow tomorrow.

For today: One discovers reactions and facts regarding the pandemic that easily support Lucifer’s plans. This is however a much greater threat than the pandemic itself. This is why I am treating this topic so that we may consciously defend ourselves with spiritual weapons and resist to the “roaring lion” (cf. 1Pe 5,8) or the false “angel of light” (cf. 2Cor 11,14) and call to him with the archangel Michael: “Who is like God?”. In the heart of Our Lady we will have a safe refuge!

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