“I love you so tenderly”

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Anyone who has been following my daily meditations for some time will know that the 7th of each month is reserved for reflecting on a passage from the Message of God the Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio (a private revelation that has been approved by the Church). Some people are sceptical of private revelations, arguing that – unlike Holy Scripture and Church doctrine – they are not part of the deposit of faith and therefore not binding on the faithful. We can respect such a position. But is scepticism and rejection really the right attitude when the Church has examined and approved a private revelation? How many important messages have marked the life of the Church!

On this point, I take a different view. If a message really comes from God and has been thoroughly examined by the Church – as is the case with the Message of God the Father to Sister Eugenie – it seems to me inappropriate to reject it, rather than to welcome it as a gift from the Lord. In fact, it is not that private revelations are a “new revelation”; rather, they often recall truths that have been forgotten or put on the back burner; or offer certain advice to deepen faith; or give concrete instructions to prevent the imposition of an ideology contrary to God, as in the case of the message of Fatima, in which Our Lady communicated what should be done to prevent the spread of an political ideology and dictatorship. Apparitions and authentic messages are part of the prophetic dimension of the Church, and the faithful are invited to listen to them. Why else would God manifest Himself in this way?

In the case of the Father’s Message, it is a pure declaration of love from God the Father to His children. He wants to remind us and make us aware of how much He loves us. Jesus Himself points out that there will come a time when “love in most people will grow cold” (Mt 24:12). The Father sees this happening and tells us so:

Now this love has been forgotten. I want to remind you of it, so that you can learn to know Me as I am, so that you will not be, like slaves, afraid of a Father Who loves you so much.“

This is God’s intention! Through this apparition and the Message He communicated to Sister Eugenie, He wants to remind people that He loves them and has not forgotten them. How important and fundamental this message is! It is so simple and yet so profound. Man was created for love, and without love he withers away. We can rightly say that, deep down, man’s innumerable problems stem from a lack of true love. And, at the deepest level, this lack lies in the fact that we do not understand God’s love for us, and might even be “afraid before Him like slaves”.

In the death of Jesus on the Cross, we can see how much the Father has loved us. But He wants to make it clear to us once again. It was He who sent His Son for the redemption of the world. Man must remember and never forget that he is a child of God’s love, loved and accepted by Him.

We know very well that many people do not know this, or are not aware of it and do not feel it. It can even happen to the faithful. Perhaps they know it by faith, but this truth does not penetrate them to the point where they are sure of this love and start from it to understand things, even if they are difficult experiences, blows of fate and threats from within and without.

The Father’s Message goes on to say:

Oh, how My paternal love has been forgotten by Men! Yet I love you so tenderly! In My Son, that is to say, in the Person of My Son made man, what have I not done! Divinity is veiled in this humanity, it is shrunk, impoverished, humiliated. With My Son Jesus I led a life of sacrifice and work. I received His prayers, that man might have a clearly indicated path along which to walk always in justice, so as to reach Me safely!

In yesterday’s meditation, we spoke about the “Via Sacra”, the holy way opened to us in the Lord. In the words we have just heard, the Father communicates to us that this way that was traced out for us is the fruit of His fatherly love.

We are in the Season of Advent and approaching the Feast of the Birth of the Son of God. How compassionate is the love of our Father, sending us His own Son made man, that we might understand Him! Yet easily this deeper intention that moves God and His saving love is forgotten. The hustle and bustle of this world and external festivities can distract us from this truth.

So I would like to invite our “Abba Family” and all those who listen to me to meditate in a special way on the love of our Father, from whom this whole event originates, during this Advent Season and at Christmas. Every step and every deed our Saviour did with His eyes fixed on the Will of the Father. And it is the Holy Spirit who wants to make this clearer to us.

Let us take these simple words of today’s meditation deeply into our hearts, and let us allow God to touch us more deeply through them, and let us know how to internalise more and more the reality that we are beloved children of the Father:

“I love you so tenderly!”

A final note: During the last few months, since we concluded the Novena to God the Father, we had invited those who felt particularly called to honour the First Person of the Blessed Trinity to report to us, as representatives of their respective nation, so that together we might give to our Heavenly Father that worship and love which He asks for in the Message given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio. If anyone had not heard this invitation and would also like to be part of this “Work of love” of the Heavenly Father, you can still send us an email to the following address, indicating your name and the country you come from: contact@jemael.org.

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