The shadows of the Covid crisis (ADVENT IN APOCALYPTIC TIMES, Part III)

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NOTE: During these days we address in the daily meditations a series entitled “Advent in Apocalyptic Times”. If anyone prefers to listen to a meditation on the reading or the gospel of the day, you can find it at the following link:

In yesterday’s meditation we contemplated various kinds of darkness looming over the life of the nations.

Recently, in the year 2020, a shadow of an extraordinary magnitude came upon the world, an event that to this day has not been overcome nor have all its consequences been measured. This shadow relates to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which was qualified by the WHO as a “pandemic”; that is, it was considered a threat to the whole of humanity.

For most people, it was a situation that burst loudly and unexpectedly into their lives. Many governments reacted with preventative measures that, to a large extent, were like a copy of the measures taken in China, where the outbreak of the virus occurred, spreading from there to the other countries of the world.

On January 24, 2020, our Chinese collaborator wrote me the following message:

“Dear Bro. Elias, tomorrow is Chinese New Year, and many areas of the country are at risk of being infected by the new virus. Most churches are abiding by the government’s order not to celebrate public Holy Masses.”

Shortly thereafter, governments in almost every country in the world responded to this potential threat with a series of measures that became increasingly questionable, once calm had been restored after the initial shock at the appearance of this virus. It began with so-called confinements, which drastically restricted the freedom of movement of citizens, with serious consequences for people, both psychologically and economically. Normal social interactions were forbidden and people’s faces were disfigured by the compulsory use of masks. Even children had to adapt to this bizarre scenario.

Some voices began to be raised, questioning these drastic measures and pointing out the negative consequences they would bring. But they went unheeded. The churches uncritically complied with the government’s orders, so that we were left with closed churches and an alarmingly desolate St. Peter’s Square in Rome. All these scenarios seemed unreal. But the shadow of this crisis continued to spread and began to suffocate normal life.

The production of a vaccine was quickly set in motion and, considering this virus as a pandemic, even the prescribed testing phase was significantly shortened. Some attentive observers mentioned that previous animal testing of these mRNA vaccines had been so negative that they could not be brought to market. But now all these criteria no longer counted. In view of a looming pandemic, everything seemed to be permissible. Health authorities, politicians, the media, religious leaders and the most diverse social groups announced in unison that worldwide vaccination would be the only way out of the crisis.

A worldwide vaccination that everyone would have to undergo? At the latest by now, the questions would have to be raised…

The vaccination campaign then began in an almost euphoric mood… It seemed that the solution had been found. But it was not! The vaccine did not protect people from infection, nor did it protect them from transmitting the virus to others. Therefore, it was a hoax.

There were religious people who emphasized the fact that these injections were indirectly linked to abortion, and they did not want to undergo them for reasons of conscience. These faithful had a hard fight, because from the head of the Church an indirect moral pressure was coming to them, insisting that getting vaccinated would be an act of love for one’s neighbor. But it was not… It was a deception!

There was pressure from governments, society, relatives and religious authorities. Those who refused to be vaccinated were not infrequently marginalized, and their civil liberties were often restricted or even deprived.

Were these measures justified? No! Unjust measures? Yes!

It was a deception…

There were renowned scientists who warned more and more about these injections. They were not listened to, but labeled as conspiracy theorists and some were even prevented from continuing to practice their profession. Many unvaccinated people were fired from their jobs.

The media and tech giants did their best to silence any viewpoint that differed from the official narrative. It was not to be heard that the vaccine did not comply with the official narrative.

It was not to come to light that many people were suffering from side effects after vaccination, that the number of vaccine-related deaths was increasing, that young and healthy people, including top athletes, were dying unexpectedly from heart attacks… It was not to be heard…

In some countries, alternative treatments, which were very effective in counteracting the disease, were also banned. Those who saw that something was not right with all these measures had no choice but to look for alternative means to warn people about the consequences, and thus assumed the risks that this could entail for them.

Thank God, the number of those who offered resistance was increasing. For every person who did so, one can be grateful. In the Church, too, a few voices were raised, distinguishing themselves from those who simply followed the politically correct opinion.

Unfortunately this shadow has not yet dissipated, but rather there are still plans to indirectly coerce people into joining this mass vaccination experiment. Those responsible have not yet admitted their mistake and there are many who follow them. Thus, a kind of blindness arises, which makes one unwilling to listen to any other opinion that could call into question the way to deal with the outbreak of this virus.

But what is behind such obstinacy, if it has been seen that this injection and many other measures taken are not only unprofitable, but are even a health risk? Why is this agenda still being pursued?

We could say that this injection is contrary to reason and, for some people of faith, also contrary to conscience.

The only thing that can be advised is that everyone should investigate well what this “vaccine” consists of, so as not to continue to submit to one dose after another and thus fall into dependence on the pharmaceutical industries.

If we place our refuge in God, we will receive the necessary clarity, so that we do not become prisoners of this apocalyptic situation, but that we preserve our freedom and face the circumstances in the light of God.