The Father of all mankind

Through the meditations of the last days, we have been able to encounter God the Father more closely. Sometimes the negative experiences we have had in our lives prevent us from recognising the true image of God, for example, if the relationship with our biological father has been rather problematic. However, we should not let these experiences bring us down, but then it is all the more necessary for us to discover God as our loving Father, who can heal our wounds and fill any inner emptiness with Himself.

As we have mentioned time and again, this Feast of God the Father, celebrating Him as “Father of all mankind”, is a request that He Himself expressed through Mother Eugenia Ravasio. Only the hierarchy of the Church can establish it as an official Feast in the liturgical calendar; but in the meantime, we can celebrate it privately, dedicating this day in a special way to our Father.

What would be the benefits of establishing a Feast in honour of God the Father? What would be the fruits of spreading a deeper love for Him? In the message given to Mother Eugenia, our Heavenly Father mentions amazing promises. For example, that if this Feast is established, men will be converted more easily and permanently, that people will have more hope, among many other promises…

There is one aspect on which I would like to dwell…

If we consciously cultivate our relationship with God as our Heavenly Father, our relations with Him will become closer and more familiar, and consequently our bonds as a spiritual family of the faithful will also be strengthened. Our trust in God would grow, and He, in turn, would have easier access to our hearts.

Without wanting to diminish in the least the true reverence for the Heavenly Father – which is part of every authentic parent-child relationship – we would regain what we lost as a result of original sin: familiarity and closeness with our Creator, who manifests Himself to us as a loving Father.

What is more, God invites us to treat him as our friend and confidant – so close to us he wants to be! Perhaps it is still unfamiliar to us to be so close to God, heart to heart, and perhaps it is even more difficult for us to understand from within how close He is to us. But if we set out and meet the Father more and more deeply through our Lord Jesus Christ, this will become natural to us. What a rewarding experience!

Think how tender was the relationship of John, the beloved disciple, with Jesus, even to the point of lying on his breast. Besides meditating on the Word of God and receiving the sacraments, we should always take some time to be alone with God the Father, to simply talk with Him, to learn to listen to Him, to bring before Him all that we carry in our hearts…. God always has time for us and He will never tire of listening to His children. We should not only come to Him with the big problems and issues, but also with the “little things” that matter to Him, just as with our Heavenly Mother.

Let us accept God’s invitation and immerse ourselves more deeply in our Father’s love! This will certainly bring Him great joy, and thus we could already fulfil the deepest meaning of this Feast in His honour…

Whoever feels that the Lord is speaking to her/him through these meditations and wants to consciously accept this special impulse of the Father’s Message, can contact us and send her/his name and the country she/he comes from to the following email address:

For two years now we have gathered people who wish to honour the Heavenly Father in a special way and have listed their names with their respective country, and in our daily prayer of the “Office to God the Father” (, we offer them to Him as representatives of their nation, family and community.

On the 7th of each month we send them a circular letter to give some guidance as to how we can most fruitfully correspond to our Father’s wishes – this is the “Abba’s Family”, to which all are cordially invited to belong!

In the following, I will point out some key points for this spiritual family:

1) To recognise God more deeply as Father, to welcome Him and to live in a trusting and reverent relationship with Him.

2) To pray for the establishment of a liturgical feast in His honour.

3) To proclaim to people that God is their loving Father and, if possible, to bring this message especially to those who do not yet know Him.

4) To put into practice with even more love all that the Gospel asks of us.

Finally, for those who wish to continue deepening their relationship with God the Father day by day, we recommend listening to the “3 minutes for Abba”, a daily impulse to know, honour and love the Heavenly Father.

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