The devoted service of Christ!

Preliminary remark: I created these meditations 2018, so they are repetitions. At that time the present painful situation was not yet foreseeable. That is why there are formulations which refer to the normal course of the Holy Masses.

Nevertheless, I will not change the meditations, but I will hold them out to the Lord, so that the faithful may have access to the Holy Sacraments again as soon as possible and that the Lord may accept the involuntary renunciation as atonement for the many sacrileges!

(Considered Bible passage: Jn 13,1-15)

“Jesus got up from table, removed his outer garments and, taking a towel, wrapped it round his waist; he then poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel he was wearing.” (Jn 13,4-5)

What great love and what great gestures we encounter today! The Lord of heaven and earth washes the feet of his disciples and gives them a deeper understanding of his discipleship! God serves man in his infinite love and calls us into the same service!

This is our question: How can I serve my neighbor? And the answer: As Jesus serves us! Nothing is too small for him to not want to touch and transform it with his love! His disciples become rulers in his kingdom, the Lord wants to make saints of sinners!

“You call me Master and Lord, and rightly; so I am. If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet.” (Jn 13,13-14)

We wash the feet of other people when we take them into our hearts, even those who are far away! We serve them – and first of all the brothers – when we try day after day to follow the Lord in everything and to do our works in him! We serve when we do not close our eyes to the needs of other people, be they material or spiritual! We wash each other’s feet when we exhort and strengthen ourselves to live and act in the Spirit of Jesus, for He has given us an example to do what He has done to us!

As if the Lord had not yet shown us enough of his love, he now wants to make his devotion to the Father and to us present on earth forever!

Thus he not only washes the feet of his disciples, but he gives himself for food! He is the bread that has come down from heaven, he is the fruit of the tree of life that we did not receive after the loss of paradise, he gives us his flesh and blood on the eve of his crucifixion for food, so that we may live and the life of God may grow in us! He does not only give something of himself, but he gives himself!

What glorification of the Father, what gracious attention to us human beings! Who can understand this!

Day after day this mystery is now being fulfilled in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, day after day, until the end of the world, the events of Golgotha tomorrow will be brought to light. Day after day, people are called to prepare and purify themselves for the reception of the Holy Communion, so that it can unfold its effect of grace. Day after day we may receive the Lord if we live in the state of grace! Day by day Jesus gives Himself to us, and the priest may give it to the people in His name! Day after day these are immense streams of grace that God has prepared for mankind, day after day the work of salvation is accomplished in us, if we follow the invitation of the Lord!

Never can our praise be silenced when we recognize the Lord and His works, neither on earth nor in heaven! All glory be to the Holy Spirit!

Harpa Dei accompanies the daily scriptural interpretation or spiritual teaching of Br. Elija, their spiritual father. These meditations can be heard on the following website

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