We have come to the end of the reflections on the Father’s message and I very much hope that our Father’s words and the corresponding meditations have helped to make our Father’s love for us more transparent and to invite us to give our response to his love.

Nothing is more important than to fulfill the first commandment completely, and for this we need the love of our Father, which he offers us so richly, not to say lavishly.

Let us briefly review once again what some of our Father’s essential intentions are to communicate to all of us through Sr. Eugenia and to build this work of love.

– The Father wants to make himself known as he really is. He wants false images of him to be corrected. Above all, it is necessary to understand his mercy and to recognize his will to be with men.

God wants to be “known, loved and venerated”, so that he can give to all men all that he has prepared for them.

– The Father wants to bring true peace to the people.

“When all mankind calls upon me and honors me, I will send to them the spirit of peace, which will descend upon them like a refreshing dew.

When all nations as such call upon and honor me, there will be no more discord and no more wars, for I am the God of peace and where I am there will be no war.”

– God the Father desires that the Holy Church complete her liturgy.

“It is necessary to complete the liturgy in the Holy Church and to honour the author of this community in a very special way. It is also necessary to honour him who came to bring the community into being and to honour him whose soul he is. This is the one God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As long as these three persons are not venerated by their own liturgical celebration in the Church and later in the whole of humanity, this community will always lack something.”

– The Lord wishes that his love be known to all people and invites us to become apostles of his paternal love.

“Whether opportune or inconvenient, the whole world shall know that there is one God and Creator… If all the people who are far from our Catholic Church would hear about this Father who loves them and who is their Creator and God, if you would tell them about this Father who wants to give them eternal life, then a great part of these people would come to this their Father, even the most stubborn among them!”

– God the Father asks those who believe in Him to seek souls in which He can dwell and to cooperate in this work of love.

“Seek souls who selfishly devote themselves to my glory and glorification and who gladly leave this resting place (our heart) to me. I am the true source of the law and you shall be its reflection. Because I come to reaffirm to you once again that this is a law of love, you should be apostles who are inflamed by love, seeking gentle and tender souls so that my kingdom of love may spread among all people.”

This would also already be essential points for those of us who feel especially addressed by the message of the Father and who would like to consciously cooperate in this work of love.

Tomorrow there should be the opportunity to turn to God the Father with a prayer and ask Him to draw us more deeply to Himself and to make us more fruitful for His Kingdom of Love!

“O, my God, if my tongue cannot say at every moment that I love you, I at least want my heart to repeat it as often as I breathe!” (Curé of Ars)

Harpa Dei accompanies the daily scriptural interpretation or spiritual teaching of Br. Elija, their spiritual father. These meditations can be heard on the following website

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