Our heart as God’s resting place

In today’s text of the Father Book, the heavenly Father reveals an ardent desire to which I would like to subscribe. The thirty-nine reflections related to the revelation of the Father to Sr. Eugenia have an essential goal: to find hearts in which God our Father can dwell, in which he is at home.

So says the Father’s book:

“What else do I want to achieve with this work of love but to find hearts that can understand me? I am holiness and I possess it in its perfection and fullness; through my Holy Spirit I give you this holiness – for I created it – and I will introduce it into your hearts and enrich them with the merits of my Son. And through my Son and the Holy Spirit I come to you and penetrate into you and in you I seek my peace.”

The Lord makes us understand by the example of Holy Communion how this process of his dwelling in us is to be understood.

“To some souls this phrase “I am entering into you” seems like a mystery, but it is not! For, after having commissioned my Son to introduce the Holy Eucharist, I resolved to enter into you each time you receive the Holy Host! Certainly, nothing prevents me from coming to you even before receiving the Eucharist, for nothing is impossible to me! But receiving this sacrament is an easy to understand process that explains to you how I dwell in you!”


“When I am in you, it is easier to give you what I possess, provided that you ask me for it. With this sacrament you unite yourselves with me in the most intimate way and in this union my love can pour out over you and cause your souls to be adorned with holiness. I shower you with my love, so you need do nothing more than ask me for the virtues and perfection you need, and you can be sure that in those moments when God rests in the heart of his creatures, nothing will be denied you.”

We know, then, the place of God’s rest and his fervent desire to dwell in our hearts, to make it the tabernacle of his love. God’s incomprehensible love is therefore not content to redeem us, to free us from the power of evil and to give us his goods. No, he wants to live in and with us. We are called to this way of fellowship with God, which begins here on earth and is completed in eternity.

That is why I would like to make a concrete invitation on August 7th, in two days, to make an act of consciously inviting God the Father to be at home in our hearts and to have free access to us at all times.

We can ask Him to purify everything that could stand in the way, to melt away all hardening of the heart, every layer of ice that may have formed around the heart, to awaken us from every sleepiness when we do not respond properly to the call of love, and to throw every hidden idol into the “Tiber” so that we may become free.

This way of purifying ourselves, which we ask of our Father, is his “formative love”, which, together with his fundamental love which embraces us, forms us in his image. In this way we become what we actually are: children of God in whom the Lord can establish His kingdom. That is all our Father asks for!

So, together with our heavenly Father, I would like to search for souls “who selflessly devote themselves to my glory and honour and who gladly leave this place of rest (our heart) to me.” (Fatherbook)

Tomorrow I will add some more aspects that might invite us to consciously perform an act of devotion to God. Perhaps some souls will see themselves addressed by the Father to give themselves especially to him. I can only testify that it is a great happiness to leave our heart to the Father as a place of rest. Nothing better can ever happen to our heart and we cannot give greater joy to our heavenly Father.

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