Second O antiphon: “O Adonai”

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O Adonai, and Leader of the house of Israel,

Who didst appear to Moses in the flame of the burning bush,

and didst give unto him the Law on Sinai:

come and with an outstretched arm redeem us.

O Adonai, Father of life!

You never forsook man, even when he turned his back on You.

In Paradise You cried out: “Adam, where are You? (Gen 3:9), when he, disobeying You, turned away from You and lost the state of original innocence.

Already at that time, You prepared the way to redeem the whole of mankind who had fallen with Adam.

O Adonai, Father of all peoples!

You spared no effort to show us Your love, to call us back to Yourself….

In Abraham You blessed all peoples (Gen 12:3).

You created for Yourself a people – Israel – who bear Your Name and whom You called Your firstborn (Ex 4:22).

Through Your servant Moses, You brought Your people out of Egypt (Ex 12), and on the Mount You manifested Your glory.

O Adonai, how wisely You guide the peoples!

You brought Israel out of the darkness of ignorance and confusion, revealing to them Your Holy Law (Ex 20).

You enlightened Your people with the fire of Your holy knowledge, so that Your holy Law would burn in their hearts forever.

O Adonai, with how much love You have prepared the way, so that all may find You! Indeed, seeing the Wisdom with which You guided the People of Israel, all peoples were to recognise You and the glory of Your commandments, which are a bright light in the darkness, the true source of life, the removal of death and corruption (Deut 30:16)….

O Adonai, there is none like You!

Nothing is equal to the works that You have created. All peoples come to worship You, because, at the End of Time, You sent Your only begotten Son (Gal 4:4), in whom the power of Your arm is made manifest, enabling us to see the wonders of Your love and freeing us from the chains of sin to make us partakers of true life.

O Adonai, You are the Father of us all!

And we, Thy children, await the Feast of the Birth of Thy Son, who perfectly fulfilled Thy holy Law and in whom Thy infinite love is revealed to us.

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