Pentecost: The Great Event

Now you have come, beloved Holy Spirit. This time you came in a violent wind (cf. Acts 2:2), not as you did with your friend Elijah (cf. 1 Kgs 19:11-13). Then it was more hidden, as you usually work in the souls of the people who let you in. But today it was different as the Holy Scripture reminds us. How wonderful and convincing was Your work! The apostles spoke and proclaimed in their own tongue, but everyone else understood them in their own language.

“At this sound (a sound as of a violent wind) they all assembled, and each one was bewildered to hear these men speaking his own language. They were amazed and astonished. ‘Surely,’ they said, ‘all these men speaking are Galileans? How does it happen that each of us hears them in his own native language? Parthians, Medes and Elamites; people from Mesopotamia, Judaea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya round Cyrene; residents of Rome- Jews and proselytes alike – Cretans and Arabs, we hear them preaching in our own language about the marvels of God.’” (Acts 2:6-11)

A truly great miracle!

It was as if for a moment the confusion of languages was lifted in order to proclaim the marvels of God, for these are to be heard by all people! The confusion of languages arose – as the Holy Scriptures tell us – when people no longer gave God the glory (cf. Gen 11:1-9). And now, as You come to us sent by the Father and the Son, You symbolically lift the confusion.

And indeed, it is You who lead us out of confusion, out of the chaos of sin and out of the confusion of the heart. You also create true unity with God and man. When the light of truth enters us, purifies us, enlightens us and unites us with You, then we truly understand each other. Then we speak the one language of the Spirit, as it says in the Acts of the Apostles: “The whole group of believers was united, heart and soul” (Acts 4:32). This is true even if we do not have the same mother tongue. In the Lord there is an understanding among us people which only You can give.

Glorious are Your deeds, miracles upon miracles of God we see, when You heal our blindness and open our eyes.

Look – after You came down as in a violent wind – at Your apostles, the formerly despondent ones! Now, through Your presence, they are strong and powerful messengers of God’s love, fearlessly proclaiming the Gospel. We recognise the amazing change of Peter! What a great work You did on him and gave him the Spirit of strength. He, like the other apostles, remained faithful to You even unto death.

Now, beloved divine friend, we have arrived at Your feast day and we thank You for all the meditations that are to help us to know You better. It would be a great fruit if our friendship with You had deepened, for You are actually so close to us. For You it is natural, You dwell in us with the Father and the Son. But we need to understand this much better and to know the secrets of God’s love more. You will help us to achieve this.

Now, after You came, the apostles were prepared to be sent out into the whole world. You always guided and accompanied them and they were faithful co-workers in God’s plan of salvation. Today they are our pride and our examples.

Now it is our task to continue the mission that Jesus entrusted to His Church. Even if the apostles are already in eternity and also the many missionaries who gave their lives for the proclamation, you have remained and continue to remain with us. Therefore, we can fulfil our task on earth with confidence, for we know that we can rely on You. Unfold Your wonderful gifts in us and let Your fruits grow in us. Then, O divine Friend, we will have great joy in You and You in us.

There is still much to do in the Kingdom of God!

Ándale (Let´s go!)

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