MEDITATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS (1/8): Jesus, Revelation of the Fathers Love

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Now you are here, Divine Child!

What moved You to come to us, to such a hostile world?

The reason can only lie in Your immeasurable love for our Heavenly Father, and in Your infinite love for us men.

Who can understand it?

I simply believe it and I can perceive it in Your smile!

I see how You open Your arms and it is as if You are saying to us, “Come, forget sorrow and affliction, let the cares of life vanish! I am here!”

Yes, you really have come.

For so many centuries You were announced and foreshadowed in many pre-figures and prophets. But now Thou Thyself art here, and nothing is as it was before. Everything has changed!

Now You are the centre… Just as a newborn child is the centre of the family, You are the centre of the whole human family.

If we welcome You joyfully, true happiness will enter our hearts.

If we welcome You, beloved Child, You will fill us with Your ineffable presence and with Your clemency.

If we do not welcome Thee, Thou – nevertheless – wilt not turn away from us; but wilt wait until Thy hour has come.

You hope that one day – hopefully not too late – You will be received also by those who had rejected You, because they did not know what they were doing.

You, beautiful Child, are courting us and want to conquer our hearts with Your love:

Your love manifested in the sweetness of the Child of Bethlehem, in the wisdom of the Teacher, in the strength of the one who announces and heals, in the humility of the Crucified One, in the light of Your Resurrection, in the splendour of Your Second Coming….

Today you have come to us as a Child…

Now You are here!

We give You infinite thanks and we adore You!

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