Healing and deliverance

f we open ourselves to of God, then the Holy Spirit can loosen what is frozen in itself, he can direct what has missed the way, man begins to heal.

But the Father does not only address the ice layer around mankind. He also points to the imprisonment of human beings, which results from the work of the devil.

“O, beloved humanity! O, you human beings, who are all my children, free yourselves, free yourselves from the chains with which the devil keeps you bound to this day. Free yourselves from the fear of a Father who is exclusively love….”

One of these heavy chains is precisely the lack of trust in God, which can even turn into distrust. I have often mentioned how absurd the false fear of God or even distrust is.

It is the negative unfolding of what happened in paradise, as we saw it yesterday. Perhaps it is not clear enough to us that we are dealing here with a chain which Satan puts around human beings in order to keep them from the true knowledge of God. In consequence this then creates so-called substitution (by which is meant that in place of the trusting relationship with God something else takes its place, that is to say, an idolatry in the broadest sense of the word).

What is needed here is an act of liberation, which we have to perform with the grace of God, a conscious surrender to God and a rejection of everything that can separate us from God.

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