Feast of God the Father

We are glad that many people follow our daily publications and meditations. During the last nine days, we have also been uploading them as videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Ssrm4OV1S_Q9OFjP01log).

As you have certainly noticed, a special intention of mine is the proclamation of the love of our Heavenly Father. No wonder it is so, for it was Our Lord who bore witness to this love, which is the key to our life, both in time and in eternity. Of all the gifts, the greatest is love, as the Apostle to the Gentiles, St. Paul, points out (1 Cor 13).

However, to understand love correctly and to distinguish it from many other things that are often called “love” without being so, we must go to the source of love, which is God Himself.

All these meditations should help us to understand better and to accept more deeply the love of our Father. Precisely in order to be able to assimilate it more easily, I opted for a more meditative character in this novena, as opposed to the usual daily reflections, which are rather instructive as far as the following of Christ is concerned.

It is clear that growth in love – which is also the goal of the spiritual life and a legitimate means of verifying the authenticity of our following of Christ – is what motivates our efforts in evangelisation. People must experience the love of the Father, so that they may attain eternal salvation and receive already in this life a foretaste of the glory that awaits them. This is what the Father reminds us with great tenderness in the Message He entrusted to Mother Eugenia Ravasio.

Our relationship with God the Father is still deficient. Certainly we honour and praise Our Lord Jesus Christ, and thus glorify God. He sent us His Word and became flesh (Jn 1:14). But God is Triune. This is a certainty given to us by the Church, thanks to the coming of Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we can meet our Beloved God in the three divine Persons.

In preparation for Pentecost, I dedicated a series of meditations to the Holy Spirit, our divine Friend. Now, in these last days, they were trusting dialogues with our Heavenly Father.

Of Jesus, our Lord and Master, I speak practically every day in the biblical meditations. Indeed, when we take a look into the Heart of our Lord, we will discover in Him His burning love for the Father and for us men.

If I pronounced the invitation to serve together with us in our Father’s “work of love”, this means to accept His love even more deeply, to live in it and to give ourselves totally to what He wants from us.

It is a strong impulse coming from our Father, which is also connected with a grace to deepen our faith and to drink from the source, which is our Father Himself and which He makes flow to us through the Heart of His Son.

Of course, our proclamation always refers to the Gospel in its entirety and to the authentic doctrine of the Church; and in that sense, this “work of love” of the Father is no kind of novelty. But just as authentic Marian apparitions often bring strong prophetic impulses and give us fundamental guidance, which we should follow and consider as a special gift, so it is with the Father’s Message to Mother Eugenia.

As I have repeated on many occasions, this Message was carefully examined and finally its authenticity was recognised. I personally experience it as a great grace.

Whoever feels that the Lord is speaking to him through these meditations and wants to consciously accept this special impulse of the Father’s Message, please contact us through this e-mail: contact@jemael.org

We will collect the different names with the respective country, and, in our daily prayer of the “Office to God the Father” (it can be found sung in spanish here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M30xBHq-jZU), we will offer them to Him as representatives of their nation, family and community. We will ask the Father for His grace for them! Occasionally we will write to them to give some guidance as to how we might most fruitfully correspond to the Lord’s wishes, and we hope that also the faithful themselves will receive the corresponding impulses to bear fruit in the Kingdom of God.

In the following, I will point out a few key points:

  • To recognise God more deeply as Father, to welcome Him and to live in a trusting and reverent relationship with Him.
  • To pray for the establishment of a liturgical feast in his honour.
  • To proclaim to people that God is their loving Father, and, if possible, especially to those who do not yet know Him.
  • To put into practice with even more love all that the Gospel asks of us.

Once again, the email address through which you can contact us is: contact@jemael.org