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God is the home of our heart

Hos 10,1-3.7-8.12 Israel was a luxuriant vine yielding plenty of fruit. The more his fruit increased, the more altars he built; the richer his land became, the richer he made the sacred pillars. Theirs is a divided heart; now they will have to pay for it. He himself will hack down their altars and wreck […]

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God remains faithful

They have set up kings, but without my consent, and appointed princes, but without my knowledge. With their silver and gold, they have made themselves idols, but only to be destroyed. I spurn your calf, Samaria! My anger blazes against them! How long will it be before they recover their innocence? For it is the

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The yoke of Jesus

Mt 12,24-30 At that time Jesus exclaimed, ‘I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children. Yes, Father, for that is what it pleased you to do. Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father; and no

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The promises of God

Amos 9, 11-15 On that Day, I shall rebuild the tottering hut of David, make good the gaps in it, restore its ruins and rebuild it as it was in the days of old, 12 for them to be master of what is left of Edom and of all the nations once called mine -Yahweh

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To love good!

Amos 5,13-15.21-24 Seek good and not evil so that you may survive, and Yahweh, God Sabaoth, be with you as you claim he is. Hate evil, love good, let justice reign at the city gate: it may be that Yahweh, God Sabaoth, will take pity on the remnant of Joseph. I hate, I scorn your

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The self-deception, Part 3

On this day, we will conclude the text of self-deception and spiritual blindness that we had been reading for the last few days. Afterwards, it will be necessary to mention some conclusions and recommendations about the causes that favor self-deception and how we can wake up from it. This is what we will focus on

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The self-deception, Part 2

As of yesterday, we are reflecting on an important spiritual theme, which should help us to wake up entirely to the truth, so that our following of Christ may be free of illusions and our witness may thus be more effective in the world. It is about “self-deception”… In one of the psalms we can

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