A rebuking from God!

The words of the Father: The more evil grew, the more My goodness urged Me to communicate with just souls so that they could transmit My commands to those who were creating disorder. Thus, I was sometimes obliged to be strict in order to reprove them; not to punish them – that would only have …

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God’s happiness

It is difficult to ignore the situation in which we currently find ourselves because of the coronavirus, which has been reciprocated by far-reaching government measures and by some incomprehensible ecclesiastical orders. In particular, the measure taken by the Italian Episcopal Conference – that Holy Masses no longer be celebrated with an audience – is moving …

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God is our hope

Let us begin by listening to the words of the Father’s Message: “ 2) I am coming to bring hope to men and nations. How many have long since lost it! This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation.  3)I am coming to make Myself known just as I …

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