The true peace

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As we usually do on the 7th of each month, we will meditate again today on an excerpt from the “Message of the Father” to Sr.  Eugenia Ravasio. On this occasion, I have consciously chosen a passage that relates to the current situation in the world.

We are watching the invasion of Russian military forces into its neighboring country, Ukraine. Not a few people fear that this war could escalate to the point of becoming a world war. A realistic view teaches us that such a possibility cannot be excluded. In any case, peace is now threatened by a concrete war.

Let us listen, then, to these words from the “Message from the Father”:

“If all mankind invokes and honours Me, I will bring down upon it the spirit of peace like a benevolent dew. If all nations, as such, invoke and honour Me, there will be no more discord, nor wars, because I am the God of peace and where I am, there no war can be. Do you wish to gain victory over your enemy? Call upon Me and you will triumph over him.”

From the biblical-Christian tradition, we know that when man deviates from God’s ways, He permits wars, natural catastrophes, epidemics and all kinds of plagues. Without pretending to disdain the sincere attempts of explanation at the human level, nor the efforts to avoid and overcome such calamities, we must know that only faith gives us the decisive key to understand them. The passage we have heard from the Father’s Message expresses it clearly. There are conditions for true peace; that peace that Jesus promises us: “Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, a peace which the world cannot give, this is my gift to you” (Jn 14:27).

We must remember again and again that the root of all evil lies in alienation from God. God is a God of peace! But his spirit of peace can only be poured out “like a benevolent dew” on humanity when the nations sincerely invoke him. And this is not just an outward act; it implies returning to God’s ways, which He has laid out for us, mankind.

This applies concretely to the war situation that has begun and threatens to expand. Even if we could point to political, historical, economic and perhaps also psychological reasons for this war, all of them would not suffice to understand the event in its entirety, let alone to find an appropriate and sustainable solution on a human level. It must be kept in mind that, in the background, there are the powers of darkness, which use people to generate chaos, war, suffering, fear, etc. If we lose sight of this spiritual reality, we will not be able to gain a deeper understanding of the situation, nor will we be able to find a way to deal with it.

“Do you wish to gain victory over your enemy? Call upon Me and you will triumph over him.”

Certainly here the Father refers, in the first instance, to the enemy of the human race; the father of lies and discord. Against him we must fight with the right weapons and with the help of God. On the other hand, it is clear from this text that, in order to triumph victoriously over the enemy, people must invoke God. And to do so properly, they must first come to know Him as He truly is.

With these two statements, we are already given the direction to take. Since we, as people of faith, know the connection between sin and its consequences, we are the first to be called upon to intercede for all men. This pleases the Lord, because in this way we join in His struggle for the souls whose guilt He Himself took upon Himself on the cross.

So let us give our hearts to the Lord and follow his instructions as best we can. Let us also accept the adverse circumstances of life, uniting them to the Lord’s sacrifice. This we can do at all times and in all places!

Of supreme importance will be the prayer that we address to God on behalf of all men: of those who deny Him, of those who offend Him, of those who do not yet know Him, and so on. In our prayer, in which the daily Rosary must also have its place, we must consciously include the prayer of renunciation of the devil. Here we can use the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel[1] or the prayer of the medal of St. Benedict[2]. Fasting is also a powerful weapon against evil.

In addition, it is essential that we pass on the Gospel that has been entrusted to us. By putting all this into practice, we will not only suffer passively under the distressing situation in Ukraine; but, in the Spirit of the Lord, we will do our part in the authentic struggle for peace.

Let us consider the following: By obeying God (also on behalf of others), we are counteracting disobedience; by rejecting the devil, we fight against the one who takes advantage of this disobedience for his evil plans; by proclaiming the Gospel, we make our contribution so that mankind may be converted and come to know the Lord, so that the requirement may be fulfilled for him to be able to call upon him in truth.

May the peace of God be poured out upon the world!

A FINAL NOTICE: During the last few months, since we concluded the Novena to God the Father, we had invited those who felt particularly called to honor the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity to report to us, as representatives of their respective nation, so that together we may give to our Heavenly Father that worship and love that He asks for in the Message given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio. If someone had not heard this invitation and would also like to be part of this “Work of love” of the Heavenly Father, you can still send us an email to the following address, indicating your name and the country where you come from:

[1] Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel by Leo XIII:

“St. Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle.

Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,

and do thou,

O Prince of the heavenly hosts,

by the power of God,

thrust into hell Satan,

and all the evil spirits,

who prowl about the world

seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

Version sung by Harpa Dei in Latin:

[2] Prayer of the Medal of Saint Benedict:

“May the Holy Cross be my light; may the dragon never be my guide. Step back, Satan!”

Version sung by Harpa Dei in Latin:

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