Trust and Freedom

Meditation on “The Father´s Message”

Today is the seventh day of the month and I would like to keep my promise to dedicate the seventh day of each month in a special way to our Heavenly Father’s message to Madre Eugenia Ravasio[i]. Why?

There is a simple explanation:

So far I have not found a comparable scripture outside the biblical revelation which conveys the love of our heavenly Father for us human beings as invitingly as these few pages which our heavenly Father communicates to Madre Eugenia in an apparition. Everything about this apparition breathes simplicity and authenticity. Since the Church has intensely scrutinised this message and recognised it as supernatural, one is on safe ground. That is why I am very happy to pass on elements of this message and hope that they will bear fruit similar to that which has come to me and to some people I know.

Today I take the theme of trust, which is so enormously important especially in these dark times. Some believers are suffering greatly from this increasing anti-Christian darkness and are confused. One cannot promise them that this confusing time will pass very soon. But what we can say is that trust in our Father is even more important than usual in this time. It will carry us and help us not to let the “misty clouds of darkness” cloud our view or even fascinate us negatively. Without a mask we can look into the face of God, which is turned towards us and remains turned towards us, whatever may happen.

The message says:

“I raised you all to the dignity of children of God. Yes, you are My children and you must tell Me that I am your Father. But trust in Me as children do, because without this trust you will never be truly free.”

Trust and freedom are addressed here when we respond to our calling as children of God and are in living union with our heavenly Father.

Trust in God means that we give ourselves completely to his love and entrust ourselves to him in it. We must become so aware of God’s goodness and wisdom that we can place the reins of our lives entirely in his hands. This applies to all situations – especially in this time of Corona confusion.

What will happen if we put our trust in God? We will be led into true freedom, for we will no longer make ourselves dependent on “princes of all kinds”. “Do not put your trust in princes, in any child of Adam, who has no power to save.” (Ps 146:3) it says in Scripture in a memorable way.

Let us just admit it to ourselves: Only with the Lord are we truly safe.

This might be perhaps initially painful, but it is nevertheless a very salutary realisation. It becomes an invitation to us to put our Father’s words into practice. Hence my concrete suggestion:

Let us consecrate our families, our communities to God the Father and let him be our centre. Then our lives will deepen and give us greater freedom.

In another passage of the book, it says from the Father’s side:

“All I ask of you is great confidence… My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me! With you I will become everything for everyone, the most tender and loving Father. I will be on intimate terms with you, giving Myself to you all, making Myself small so as to make you great for eternity.”

Again, this trust is requested. Trust means a “letting go” of one’s dominion over everything. A dominion that we never succeed in anyway, because we can never have life as completely under control as we imagine. God has wisely arranged this, knowing full well the temptation of man to “want to be like God” (cf. Gen 3:5) and thus enter into the primal temptation of the fallen angel.

How easily we are led out of self-cramp with such steps. God wants us to behave like children towards him. This does not mean that we remain immature and childish. No, it refers to the basic trust that is still inherent in undisturbed children. It is the remedy for every form of self-overestimation.

A child of God can also make mistakes without immediately being condemned; a child of God leans on the Father’s breast and trusts him with his innermost being; a child of God knows no fear of the future because he knows himself to be secure in God; a child of God is not afraid of God but always seeks his glorification in reverence and love; a child of God always falls into the open arms of his Father; a child of God knows himself to be infinitely loved and has thus become free.

[i] the full message can be read under the following link:

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