The Anti-Christian Threat and its Defence, Part 9

“Concluding remarks”

If we consider the four basic frameworks that we listed in yesterday’s reflection, we have a good starting point to resist the threat of the Antichrist.

Once again, let us remember: Unequivocal church doctrine, unambiguous morality, true mission and ardent pursuit of holiness.

In addition, there are certain prayers that should not be neglected. In addition to liturgical times and participation in Holy Mass, these include, if possible, regular reception of the Sacrament of Penance, daily praying of the Rosary, prayer to the Archangel Michael, frequent practice of the prayer of the heart, reading of Scripture, helpful spiritual literature and corresponding sermons or lectures, retreats, etc., practice of spiritual and material works of mercy.

So there are enough possibilities to help us to cultivate the faith in us and to strengthen us in Christ. We can do this from our side, in order to cooperate with the grace and protection that God gives us.

I had promised to mention the names of shepherds of the hierarchy who did not allow themselves to be confused by the present situation and who raised their voices for the good of the faithful.

First of all, there are the still living Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller. They belong to the so-called “Dubia cardinals”, together with Cardinal Meisner and Cardinal Caffarra, who have since passed away. It is to their credit that they raised their voices when they realised that with Amoris laetitia a dubious path had been taken which they would have liked to clarify with the Pope. They acted with full responsibility before God and the Church. Both cardinals, who are still alive, repeatedly spoke out on various subjects to point out undesirable developments in this pontificate.

Of great value are the repeated interventions of Auxiliary Bishop Schneider from Kazakhstan, supported by his bishop and another bishop from Kazakhstan, which very knowledgeably shed a clear light on the present aberrations. Here I highly recommend the new book by Atanasius Schneider “Christus vincit”, for anyone who is looking for a more precise theological justification to better understand the present aberrations.

As a witness of aberrations in the Church, I would also like to thank Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who for reasons of conscience could no longer remain silent because he is aware of many corrupt events within the Church.

Cardinal Müller, the former Prefect of the Faith, has also spoken out and tries to use his knowledge to exert a corrective influence when he has seen undesirable developments.

Recently we have heard from Texas, USA that Bishop Joseph Strickland has spoken out clearly!

Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti from Switzerland and Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun from Austria have taken a critical stand on some developments, as has Auxiliary Bishop Robert Mutsaerts from the Netherlands.

Not to forget Archbishop Emeritus of Riga (Latvia), Mgr Janis Pujats, and Archbishop Emeritus of Marajó (Brazil), Mgr José Luis Azcona, as well as Mgr. Nicola Bux and other priests, who have spoken clearly, and certainly more than those I have mentioned.

To all of them I thank from the bottom of my heart for not a few of the faithful, who are well aware that there is something wrong with the Church’s course and are happy when the shepherds at least raise their voices and thus fulfil their obligations.

At the end of this series on the Antichrist, I would like to offer a little help to those listeners who might get the impression that I am standing against the Pope or even against the Church and expressing myself accordingly. There must be a misunderstanding here.

Of course I am not against the office of Peter, nor do I speak against the person of Pope Francis. As a Catholic, love and respect for the ministers should be self-evident. This does not mean, however, that one has to take over everything that comes from the leadership of the Church when one sees irritations. Let us think of St. Paul, who publicly corrected St. Peter very clearly because he did not listen to the Holy Spirit (cf. Gal 2,11-14). Again and again this has also occurred in church history: saints who found clear words when the pope failed to listen. So I am not against the office or the person of the Pope. If I were, I would reject a God-given office, degrade the person of the pope and speak bad of him. This will not be found in my speeches or in my writings. Neither do I speak like this in a private circle, nor would I allow myself to give space to such thoughts within myself.

But I see clear errors on the way of this pontificate which are damaging and which are not in harmony with the previous way of the Popes and the Church. I name them objectively and also point out the background, namely Lucifer’s seductive power and the increasing manifestation of an antichristian spirit. Unfortunately, Pope Francis succumbs to some of the deceptions which I bring up because they concern essential matters.

The love of the truth and of the Bride of Christ requires that when the Pastor has lost his bearings in some important areas, the “prophetic spirit” which lives in the Church and is not limited to the ministry, should speak out in a corrective way. I fulfil this obligation, just as – thank God – other Catholics do.

If, however, everything the Pope does is seen and affirmed as God’s instruction, including the Abu-Dhabi Declaration and the Pachamama cult in the Vatican and St. Peter’s, if every questioning of actions and pronouncements of the hierarchy is seen in itself as wrong and directed against the Pope, then my interpretations, which will not overlook irritations, will be constantly a challenge.

Whoever is interested in the topics addressed and, above all, realizes that the Antichrist spirit must be consciously counteracted, is welcome to write to me ( and I will include him in a group that will deepen these topics.

Come Lord Jesus, Maranatha

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