Preparation for the meditations on God the Father

To all of you who follow my daily remarks:

I am happy that there are many people who receive the meditations with sacred music as spiritual nourishment. In fact, I try to make the Word of God come alive and also to include the spiritual way of following Christ in these meditations.

It is of great concern to me that the people of God receive healthy spiritual food. Therefore, it goes without saying that the authentic teaching of the Church is the foundation for the reflections. God has given this to us so that we do not err in our faith. For this reason I also sometimes point out that there are errors of the way, for the adoption of such erroneous views diminishes the purity and clarity of faith and weakens our discernment of spirits. They are like a false light, like the darnel that the enemy sows in the field of our souls, to speak in a biblical image (cf. Mt 13:24-30). While the Lord reserves the final judgement and the separation of light and darkness for Himself and has it carried out by His angels (cf. Mt 13:49), it is different with the field of our soul. Here we are called to cooperate and not to allow anything to enter into us that contradicts the truth, as well as to detach ourselves from all error.

When I reflect on the mission of our Lord and Saviour, He wanted to glorify His Father through everything He did. In the final orations, He said to His Father: “I have glorified you on earth…” (Jn 17:4)

The glorification of the Father presupposes His deeper knowledge. This is what I am concerned with in the meditations that now follow. As Christians we believe in the Triune God, therefore we can also get to know the divine persons more deeply, who always work together, but are each a separate person.

At Pentecost I set down some meditations on the Holy Spirit, which were very well received. I was thankful for that, because our divine friend is more than worth knowing better and finding space in our hearts.

Of course, this also applies to our heavenly Father. In an ecclesiastically recognised private revelation to Mother Eugenia Ravasio, which is very valuable for me, God the Father speaks to her and through her to us human beings[i]. Along with the Holy Scriptures, it forms the source for the coming meditations.

The form of the meditations will be similar to the meditations on the Holy Spirit and again I am grateful that the uplifting chants of Harpa Dei will accompany the texts. This time they are again simple meditations, a conversation with our heavenly Father which should be received with the heart. My hope is that through these humble contributions we will help to glorify God and that those who follow them will come to know God’s love even better and be able to give Him an even more loving response. That would be great fruit!

All this is commended to the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, who wonderfully glorified the Triune God!

[i] The message can be read under the following link:

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